A special commission for the Pop Montreal Auroratone Project featuring the song, I U SHE by electronic musician, Peaches.


Pop Montreal commissioned a few filmmakers to make modern day versions of “Auroratone films” – they were experimental films set to music used in mental institutions in the ’40s and ’50s as a form of therapy. We were able to pair ourselves with music artists who were performing at the festival. I paired with Peaches and her song “I U She”. With the video, I wanted to explore and subvert the notion of homosexuality being a form of mental illness by creating an Auroratone that re-purposed female vintage erotica as a form of empowerment. This series of modern day Auroratones has screen at at Film Pop Montreal, The Anti-Matter Film Festival in Victoria, Spectacle Theatre in Brooklyn, New York, the Rendezvous with Madness Festival in Toronto, the Townhouse Gallery in Cairo, Egypt and the Onion Cellar in Hanoi, Vietnam.

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