Sex Tapes: Lessons from a 7ft Penis & Friends

2019 / Canada / 9min / English


“My big dick, my big vagina, my big asshole give me superpowers!” – Norman Nawrocki

Told through a mixture of archives, animation and musical numbers, this film chronicles the 20+ year career of Canadian underground star activist/performer Norman Nawrocki and his wide array of colourful characters such as a singing and dancing 7ft tall purple penis, giant orange butt plug and giant pink vagina. He and his characters have been combating sexism and homophobia while advocating for a healthy sex life through humorous and educational cabaret shows even in the face of danger.


2019 Fish&Chips Film Festival – International Erotic Film Festival, Official Selection, In Competition for Best Short Film (Turin, Italy)

2019 Queers in Shorts, Special Presentation (Cambridge, UK)

2019 International Changing Perspectives Short Film Festival, Official Selection (Istanbul, Turkey)

2019 Balkan Can Kino, Official Selection (Athens, Greece)

2019 CineKink, Official Selection (New York City, United States)

2019 Porn Film Festival Vienna, Official Selection (Vienna, Austria)

2019 “TOO DRUNK TO WATCH” Punkfilmfest Berlin, Official Selection (Berlin, Germany)

2019 Montreal Underground Film Festival, Official Selection (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

2019 Copenhagen Underground Film Festival, Official Selection (Copenhagen, Denmark)

2019 Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival (Thessaloniki, Greece)

2019 Sisssy Queer Screen – M&C SAATCHI| Proud, Special Presentation (London, UK)

2019 FLIQ Queer Film Night (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

2019 S.E.C.S. Fest, Official Selection (Seattle, Washington, United States)

2019 Trans Stellar Film Festival, Official Selection (Detroit, Michigan, United States)

2019 Balkan Can Kino, Mobile Kino (Rethimno, Crete, Greece)

2019 Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival, Official Selection (Lausanne, Switzerland)

2019 Toronto Queer Film Festival, Official Selection, Queer Rebels (Toronto, Canada)

2019 ROFFEKE Rock ‘n’ Roll Film Festival, Official Selection (Nairobi, Kenya)

2020 Louisiana LGBT Film Festival

2020 Les Mains Gauches (Marseille, France)

2020 Pleasure Dome, Sontag’s Ghost: The Future is Queer programme (Virtual, Toronto, Canada)


Starring Norman Nawrocki

Produced & Directed by  Tamara Scherbak

Cinematography by  Faisal Lutchmedial

Edited by Faisal Lutchmedial & Tamara Scherbak

Assistant Camera & Sound by François Berton, Marianne Ploska & David Eng