Recycle, Reuse, Remix

Short Experimental

Produced by the National Film Board of Canada & Pop Montreal. This is a collaboration between Tamara Scherbak and Jawad Chaaban. Jawad Chaaban is a Beirut-based electronic musician and audio artist. He has short-circuited his first radio at the age of 5. His music explores concepts of noise, sound mass, serialism, space, recycling/collage of recorded materials and much more…


Recycle, Reuse, Remix is a film made with a technique called data-moshing made famous in such video clips as Kanye West’s Welcome to Heartbreak and Chairlift’s Evident Utensil. We took the technique to a different place, working only with discarded materials of hundred-year-old photographs, home movie film footage and recorded audio reels found in flea markets and the trash. All glitches, bugs, compression errors, distortion and noise were welcome in this excavation into the mess of memory and the act of remembering.

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Awards & Festivals

  • FilmPop Montreal “Making Music 3”
  • In competition at the MAshRome Film Festival in Rome, Italy
  • Reels Winner of the Sound In Motion Film Showcase in Toronto


“The theme of this film is really interesting; namely that memories become increasingly hard to hold on to with time and that the nature of memory is forever shifting.” – The Link