Lost Postcards


“‘Lost Postcards’ is a vertical fiction film told in the first-person about a woman who is so afraid of leaving her own city she collects old postcards from places she’s never travelled to.


Voice-over by Kim Nelson Co-written by Tamara Scherbak & Faisal Lutchmedial Directed by Tamara Scherbak


In competition at the Vertical Film Festival (Katoomba, Blue Mountains, Australia – 2016)

In competition at Linea D’Ombra Festival “Vedo Verticale” (Salerno, Italy – 2018)

Official selection at Andaras – Travelling Film Festival (Fluminimaggiore, Sardinia, Italy – 2019)

Special presentation at Plot 19 Storytelling Forum (Munich, Germany – 2019)

In competition at VerticalMovie Film Festival presented at the MACRO – Rome Contemporary Art Museum (Rome, Italy – 2019)

Special presentation at Seriencamp Festival (Munich, Germany – 2019)

Broadcast on New York based DRMS.TV – a streaming vertical video TV network