Is Your Teen a Homosexual?




“Is Your Teen A Homosexual?” is a short allegorical comedy that satirizes the “teen hygiene” educational films of the 1950s. Johnny, the teenage son of an atypical North American suburban family, decides to announce to his family that he is gay. His parents, Mom and Dad, are in severe denial while his little sister doesn’t see what the problem is. With the help of the Narrator’s step-by-step guide, the parents are able to come to terms, in albeit a twisted and heavily stereotyped way, with Johnny’s homosexuality.


This fiction film was 1 of 9 projects selected for development at the Berlin International Film Festival Berlinale Talents Short Film Station and was 1 of 8 winning projects at the Toronto Queer Ideas Salon . Also, a finalist in the Main Film Pitch ton Court Pitching Competition. Winner of the (TRI) Cycle 2 Main Film Production Grant. Made with support from ACTRA Montreal.


Laura Mitchell as Mom

James Murray as Dad

Neil Kroetsch as the Narrator

Laurent M. Pitre as Johnny

Isabella D’Alesandro as Norma


Written and directed by Tamara Scherbak

Produced by Faisal Lutchmedial & Tamara Scherbak

Cinematography by Gabriele Kislat

Art Direction by Valentina Oresic

Sound by Yecine Meliani

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